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Top 5 Economic Development Tech Trends Articles!

We have been writing Economic Development Tech Trends articles for almost two years now, and we’d like to take a moment to introduce our newer readers to some of the most popular articles they may have missed. For long-time readers, these are some of the highlights of what they’ve learned over the past couple years.

Investment Attraction Marketing in a Changed Environment – March 3, 2009
The world of tourism marketing has changed. With a recession many people are staying at home and with the advent of Web 2.0, there is a need to find new strategies and channels for reaching potential visitors. In order to be successful, Economic Developers need to: find a niche, understand and meet prospects’ needs, and to focus on the internet and new technology Read the full article >>

Tips and Tactics for Measuring Results – March 24, 2009
Measuring objectives can be troublesome. Thankfully, when using the web, it is easy not only to publish information, but to collect statistics on interest generated and responses. This article discusses best practices around measuring results including different online channels that are great for measuring visitors’ interest. Read the full article >>

Using Twitter for Tourism – May 26, 2009
One of the newer and increasingly popular tools for communication is Twitter. This article outlines different steps for setting up and maintaining a Twitter account, and building an online community for your tourism destination. Read the full article >>

New Ways to Get the Word Out – March 17, 2009
This article reviews innovative and cost-effective ways of reaching potential businesses and site selectors. Web based channels discussed include podcasting, video stories, email marketing, mini-CDS and Web 2.0. Read the full article >>

How Competitive is Your Tourism Website – May 5, 2009
Today’s travelers spend a lot of time online researching possible destinations, having a competitive website is critical to gaining the interest of a potential visitor. This article discusses the characteristics of successful tourism websites. Read the full article >>

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