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How Targeted Web Portals Can Attract Talent

Have you seen the new economic development trend on the web?  Communities are designing and publishing portals solely to attract one thing – not startups or branch plants or property purchases, but talent.

The Talent Attraction Portal

These specialized talent attraction portals are often spearheaded by business groups, but economic development departments are also taking active and prominent roles in them.  As well they should, because there’s a need to maintain a connection between such portals and the community’s economic development strategy.

In February of this year, the Bloomington Technology Partnership in Indiana announced the launch of a social media and talent attraction portal designed to promote Bloomington’s emerging technology community and assist employers to fill open jobs.  The portal,, was created by the Bloomington Technology Partnership with the assistance of local consulting and web design firms.


Economic Development Website Best Practices

What makes a website outstanding for investment attraction? What are the critical characteristics that will draw a site selector’s interest?

A set of best practices is emerging as experience reveals the growing importance of the web in economic development, especially in a recessionary climate when returns on investment are more important than ever.

The first necessity is to understand the web’s place in the field of investment attraction. It has both a passive and an active role.

The passive role is akin to that of a store. Investors who are searching for something to buy will look at your site just as a browsing shopper looks at a storefront. This is of much more than casual importance. Once an investor has identified the objectives, approach and criteria of a site-selection project, the web becomes the focus of the next phase. It is the first source for identifying candidate communities.

Site selection is a process of elimination. If your community’s website does not meet the site selectors’ criteria for information that is easily (more…)