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Social Media Optimization

Readers of Economic Development Tech Trends will be familiar with the term search-engine optimization. It describes techniques, such as embedding keywords on web pages that increase the likelihood that your website will appear near the top of results pages generated by search engines.

Economic developers have become increasingly aware of the importance of search-engine optimization in recent years. Now a newer term – social media optimization – is also emerging. The two go hand in hand and have the same goal, which is to attract as much attention as possible from site selectors to your investment-attraction website.

Social media optimization essentially is a set of tactics that make the content of your web pages more highly visible to users of social-media websites and increase links from these sites back to your website. The result – your website becomes the center of a relevant network of interest.

Social media optimization can take many different forms, including text, images, audio and video. Websites such as DiggDeliciousFacebook and Revver are all relevant as they constitute increasingly popular channels for presenting sources of information and interaction for site selectors and other economic development professionals.

Some bloggers have been calling social media optimization the next level of search-engine optimization, or SEO 2.0. Social media (more…)