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Economic Development Website Best Practices

What makes a website outstanding for investment attraction? What are the critical characteristics that will draw a site selector’s interest?

A set of best practices is emerging as experience reveals the growing importance of the web in economic development, especially in a recessionary climate when returns on investment are more important than ever.

The first necessity is to understand the web’s place in the field of investment attraction. It has both a passive and an active role.

The passive role is akin to that of a store. Investors who are searching for something to buy will look at your site just as a browsing shopper looks at a storefront. This is of much more than casual importance. Once an investor has identified the objectives, approach and criteria of a site-selection project, the web becomes the focus of the next phase. It is the first source for identifying candidate communities.

Site selection is a process of elimination. If your community’s website does not meet the site selectors’ criteria for information that is easily (more…)