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Social Promotion of Events and Festivals

Techniques for promoting events and festivals have become a lot more creative and wide-ranging since the advent of social media.

The meaning of the term “promoting” actually has changed now because of what social media can do. These technologies don’t just create awareness, as traditional advertising and marketing methods do. They create activity and personal involvement. They expand an audience beyond the event itself, turning it into a center of online attention.

The gold standard for social media festival promotion has been set by the South by Southwest Festival , which took place March 11-20 in Austin, Texas. The annual music, film, and interactive conference and festival created a whole new platform called SXsocial as the official communications hub for SXSW 2011 registrants. It was the key to bringing people together across the vast festival, which this year was spread across four campuses.

Registrants could use the platform before, during and after the festival. They could build an extended profile including a photo, bio, links to their profiles on other networks, and tags of their interests both professional and personal. They could search for (more…)

Best Practice #7: Measuring Results for Economic Development Web Strategies

Many economic development departments throughout North America have become as adept as private-sector companies in adopting the variety of marketing tools and technologies available on the web. There’s one area in which the ED sector lags, however — measuring results.

Whereas a company selling products from its website will instinctively install tools for reporting conversion rates or sales by region, many ED organizations do not regularly measure or analyze their web statistics. Lack of time is a frequently cited reason. Also, managers may be reluctant to see their programs evaluated primarily according to numerical scores, since the process of investment or tourism attraction takes a long time and often produces results indirectly.

The EDO’s Purpose of Tracking Data

But the purpose of gathering website data for an ED organization is more subtle. It’s not the same as in the private sector; you aren’t trying to report how many shirts you sold this month. What you are trying to accomplish is continuous improvement in your marketing methods, and a continuously rising return on your investment of resources.

As we have discussed, the Number 1 best practice for economic development online is to develop and maintain a cohesive, focused, goal-oriented and measurable web strategy (see “Best Practice #1: The Economic Development Web Strategy”, published (more…)