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Three Tips for Effective Web Communication

As a communications tool for economic development, the web can’t be viewed as just another information channel. You can’t equate it with one-way channels such as brochures or radio broadcasts. While these still have their roles in attracting investment to your community, to really take advantage of the internet, it’s critical to begin to move away from the old information delivery paradigm and learn to embrace interactive communications.

Fully effective web communication goes beyond information presentation to the engagement of communities. In fact, the primary economic development function of your website today is to be the “first sales person” – to foster relationships.

The focus is shifting toward raising awareness of the uniqueness of each community and its ability to retain and attract talented people who will contribute to creating more economic opportunities. Your website is central to what we called Economic Development 2.0 – it enables economic developers to join, and build, communities of interest that help draw attention to their communities.

Here are three tips for effective web communications:

1. Let Many Voices Be Heard

Traditional marketing materials are written in an anonymous style. The web can be written to be more personal. It’s a medium that lends itself to encouraging participation by people and businesses from your community through blogs, podcasts, videos and social media. This promotes (more…)