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Generating Foot Traffic in Your Downtown

It’s a constant concern of communities everywhere – how to keep their downtowns and mainstreets vibrant and busy with people.  Few goals are as important to a community’s economic development, and few successes have such a broad multiplying effect.  Increased foot traffic leads to more downtown purchases, which attract quality retailers who, in turn, generate more traffic.

To get this positive cycle of growth in motion and keep it going though, is a challenge on several levels.  First of all, whose responsibility is it?  Sometimes leadership rests with economic development officials and sometimes with a business improvement association.  But really, mainstreet success takes more than one group of people. It takes a village!


Developing a Downtown Marketing Strategy

Nothing reveals a community’s determination to be economically competitive more than a thriving Main Street. Achieving success downtown is a strong signal that the entire region has found its economic direction. People are working together. That’s one of the core requirements for a successful downtown marketing strategy.

A healthy downtown is a symbol of community pride. Research shows that a vibrant Main Street boosts economic health and quality of life for miles around. If the Main Street environment attracts people, this feeds retail businesses which in turn attract more people, creating a positive spiral of growth and economic sustainability.

Moreover, Main Street renewal can be viewed as a signpost to the future, especially in the creative economy. Downtown is important to young people as a gathering place. A recent study by the Brookings Institution found that young people in their 20s and 30s are tending to move to metropolitan areas that they regard as “cool” and where they can feel connected. This puts a premium on marketing the attractiveness of your community’s economic core. (more…)