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Business Retention Means People Retention

Economic development used to be about going out and attracting a company, and pulling together incentive packages to land that company. But that is not where economic development is going in the future.

The focus is shifting toward raising awareness of the uniqueness of each community and its ability to retain and attract talented people who will contribute to creating more economic opportunities.

A growing number of communities have realized that their development time and effort needs to be spent developing people-based business retention strategies at the same time as they continue with efforts to attract site developers.

More attention is being given to creating a community environment that provides a heightened quality of life and quality of place. A high quality-of-life experience will be a significant factor in the attraction and retention of creative workers.

Urban theorist Richard Florida has noted that “access to talented and creative people determines where companies will choose to locate and grow, and this in turn changes the way cities can compete.” The theories of Florida, director of the Martin Prosperity Institute, affiliated (more…)