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Budgeting for Website Promotion

In a difficult economic climate, an economic development organization must invest its money wisely and obtain a return on that investment. When it comes to building or improving a website, your budget should address two factors:

  1. The creation and continuous improvement of the website itself
  2. The promotion of the website, so you get the most out of it.

Sadly, many website owners fall short on point, never building the kind of traffic and the kind of results that lie just within their reach.

We explored the first factor in the article, “Your Economic Development Website Budget,” published December 8, 2009. Today we will look at considerations for what should be included in the budget to promote the website effectively.

Promotion via Traditional Marketing

By now, everyone has been trained to put their website address on everything that is printed, from business cards to brochures to advertisements. That is fundamental but still counts, so keep doing that!

Let’s take it one step further. Many economic development organizations are successfully transitioning communication of information to their website. More and more data, more and more information, more and more pictures, stats, charts, maps are all available (more…)

New Ways to Get the Word Out

The economic recession is likely to cause many companies to cancel or delay decisions on business expansion and investment. Nevertheless they will remain on the lookout. When conditions improve they will remember those communities that have retained an attractive, optimistic and cooperative image through their communications.

So the need for economic development does not disappear during tough times, far from it. But cost-effective strategies and methods are required for getting the word out.

A traditional approach to investment attraction includes a heavy emphasis on publication advertising, direct mail, tele-prospecting and collateral mailing. This approach is costly, difficult to measure and time consuming to implement effectively. Today’s marketing strategies can take advantage of both tried and new Internet channels, using the Internet as a primary vehicle for image creation through the dissemination of facts, stories and anecdotes about a community – all with the intent of creating interest, thereby attracting people and businesses.

The Internet has become the number one tool for businesses and site selectors in their location search. It provides the ability to publish easily and frequently and at low cost. Announcements, events, blogs, online newsletters, business success stories, news and profiles will all help (more…)