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How Strong is Your Tourism Brand?

In today’s extremely competitive market, tourists are looking for unique, tailored and high-quality experiences. Information technology is changing the business environment in which operators must work, as travelers can easily research and share information on the web. The global economic downturn has put great pressure on the tourism industry, affecting business and leisure trips alike.

With such constantly evolving traveler habits and market conditions, it is more important than ever to have a distinctive and memorable brand with high awareness in the tourism market. Your brand is your community’s identity – its value in the mind of the tourist.

The strength of your brand rests on two primary factors: process and creativity.

Process is critical because tourism branding has to be a team effort. It requires the readiness and commitment of local residents and businesses, council, staff and other stakeholders in order to be approved, accepted and implemented effectively.

By following a careful methodology that includes resident surveys, stakeholder interviews, committee involvement and extensive research into the history and economic strengths of a community, the challenge of achieving consensus can be met and the community’s tourism industry (more…)