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The Social Dimension

It’s quiet out there, isn’t it? Economic development programs seem to have hit the “pause” button and are stuck there. But underneath the surface of this recession, something is happening that hasn’t happened before.

A new dimension is being added to the business of investment attraction. You could call it the social dimension.

Social software has very quickly moved toward the center of business attention from the periphery. Investment-attraction websites increasingly include social-software tools and links. When site selectors hit the “play” button again, their screens will have a different appearance because this dimension will be added.

It’s no surprise. Some business forecasters saw this trend coming, Gartner among them. A report issued by Gartner in late 2008, Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2009, urged business organizations to adopt social media sooner rather than later.

“Your organization is an entity in the broad social Web,” Gartner advised. “Get to know Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social sites and applications. The risks of not participating are growing, while the risks of participating can be (more…)