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A Mobile Friendly Economic Development Website

Whenever a new technology appears and becomes compelling because of user enthusiasm and growing adoption numbers, economic developers must make choices between status quo, opportunity and cost.

Just when EDOs are starting to get a handle on social media, it is happening again, this time with mobile web access. In what seems a very short time, accessing websites using mobile phones and tablets has shifted from incidental to insistent. Site selectors, like everyone else, consider web access from mobile devices a requirement of doing day-to-day business.

For economic developers, though, this means having another layer of web infrastructure to deal with. They can be forgiven for not wanting to dive into a mobile web project to meet ever increasing expectations! “How much cost, how much more time do we have to invest now?” an EDO is likely to ask.

The good news is that the solution is not as difficult as it seems.

Mobile Friendly Website Display

The basic mandate is to ensure that your website displays properly on a variety of mobile devices. A site selector using a mobile device is unlikely to find your data or descriptions easy to read or navigate if your website is not created for friendly (more…)