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Our Top 5 Economic Development Marketing Trend Articles of 2012

2012 was a great year for Yfactor! Some of our highlights included:

  • We launched our new analytics tool, Prospect ID, which can turn blind web traffic into identified investment leads
  • We helped dozens of communities across North America to launch economic development, municipal, tourism, and immigration attraction projects including websites, social media, apps, branding, marketing strategies and design
  • We’ve built relationships with 26 new clients representing communities across the United States and Canada, completing over 100 projects

2013 is shaping up to be an even bigger year than last and we are looking forward to sharing more great articles, as well as stories about Yfactor, our staff and some of our client successes.

In the last year we sent out 20 articles on topics including: Creative Economy, Downtown/Mainstreet Marketing, Talent Attraction, and Economic Gardening.

Volume 3 of the Economic Development Marketing Trends book series is now available online. You can also get Volumes 1 and 2 here. Stay tuned for Volume 4. As always, if there are any topics you would like to read about this year you can contact us here or follow us on Twitter @yfactorinc.

The 5 favorite articles of 2012:

Creative Economy Marketing Program – March 21


Here’s a question you might like to toss around the table the next time your economic development department is planning a creative economy marketing program or event: What makes creative people in your community happy?


Place Branding Your Mainstreet/Downtown – April 24


An economic development organization that sets out to develop a place branding strategy for its downtown or mainstreet has a unique challenge on its hands. It’s a high-wire balancing act with numerous weights dangling from each end of the beam.


Generating Foot Traffic in your Downtown – May 22


It’s a constant concern of communities everywhere – how to keep their downtowns and mainstreets vibrant and busy with people. Few goals are as important to a community’s economic development, and few successes have such a broad multiplying effect. Increased foot traffic leads to more downtown purchases, which attract quality retailers who, in turn, generate more traffic.


Attracting Talent through Social Media – August 22


Talent attraction strategies are quickly becoming more innovative as communities fight to attract great people all across North America.

A growing number of economic development organizations are creating workforce strategies based on identifying the gaps between the talent that is available and the talent that will be needed – and they are coming up short.


Economic Gardening – Data and Clustering – November 27


The concepts of economic gardening are becoming more influential and pervasive in the economic development field. A large number of economic gardening projects have sprung up in municipalities all over North America in the past year or so. Beyond municipal boundaries, initiatives are being announced at regional, state/province and even federal levels that have the stamp of economic gardening on them. What we’re seeing, in fact, is economic gardening sprawl.



Stay tuned for more of our informative articles in 2013!

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