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Not long ago, the prime purpose of an investment attraction website was to provide convenient and comprehensive information to visitors, wherever they were.  That purpose is still there, but the bar has risen for today’s economic developers.

What counts now is not just web communication, but results.  The first purpose of an investment attraction website in 2013 is to generate measurable results in the form of leads.

Your website is the first stop for prospects

The website is the first place that location professionals and business leaders go for information about a community and its economic assets.  That makes a website one of the best resources for generating qualified leads, assuming the website is able to identify who those visitors are, where they came from and what they are looking for.

Free tools such as Google Analytics are available for understanding your website’s traffic and can provide useful information up to a point.  They can show traffic volumes and direction but the data is aggregated and so does not translate into investment attraction leads.

How many of your website visitors contact you?

Is that really a problem?  Surely visitors to your economic development website will identify themselves so you can contact them?  Well, no, they don’t.  Website visitors only identify themselves two to three per cent of the time.

This leaves unanswered many of the questions that can produce leads.  Do you know the names of the companies at which your website visitors work?  Do you know what investment related information they are looking for?  Do you know by what means they found your site and what specific pages each visitor viewed?

Websites are deep data sources – if you know how to look

Your website – every website — has the answers to such questions.  An advanced website analytics tool can produce them for you automatically, without the need for expertise or time consuming procedures carried out by economic development staff.

An industry leading tool is called Prospect ID.  It identifies all anonymous website visitors and the names of their companies in real time. You can literally watch who lands on your website when or be alerted when certain firms visit.

Prospect ID reports on where each site visitor is located, how the person got to your site (social media link, paid or organic search, etc.), which search terms they used to find your website, which link they clicked on to get to your website, number of pages viewed, previous visits, what they searched for and who visited which pages on your website.

Changing the game with advanced analytics

This is the new state of the art in website analytics and represents a big step forward for economic developers.  It means they can meet expectations in a concrete way.  They have day-by-day, hour-by-hour evidence of the sources of interest in their community. Most importantly, EDOs have a powerful new ally in their search for qualified leads.  A website now is more than a communications tool, it is a lead generator.

The game has changed.  Website analytics have opened opportunities to economic developers that never existed before.  Those who grasp this opportunity early will have a powerful new competitive advantage.

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