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Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Mobile marketing campaigns are attracting attention for early adopters in economic development and destination marketing. Now might be the time for your organization to determine if mobile marketing can help you achieve your goals.

Ideas for mobile campaigns are popping up all over North America. Tourism organizations are in the forefront. While their audiences are of course different from those of investment attraction agencies, their creativity and vigor can be inspirational and can be extrapolated for a variety of economic development purposes.

The Greater Lansing Visitor Guide

The Greater Lansing Convention and Visitors Bureau (GLCVB) announced in February that its Greater Lansing Mobile App won a first place award and the 2010 Greater Lansing Visitor Guide won a second place award from the North American Travel Journalists Association.

The Greater Lansing app has hundreds of listings for attractions, dining, festivals and events, accommodations and shopping. Two of its (more…)

Mobile Apps for Investment Attraction

Citizens of the City of Boston can be in touch with their local government wherever they go. At the City of Boston’s official site, citizens can download the Citizens Connect App to their phones and easily report potholes, graffiti and other service-related issues to City departments for resolution.

Launched in 2008 and upgraded since, the Citizens Connect App is part of a suite of mobile applications that Boston expects to develop and release to the public. There’s no app for economic development yet, but it’s instructive to read a statement made by Mayor Thomas Menino on June 22, 2011, when Boston added a new feature to Citizens Connect to enable citizens to report missing or damaged street signs.

“We continue to look for new ways to use technology to make government even more accessible and more responsive to our constituents,” Mayor Menino said. “Citizens Connect has been a valuable tool for the City and this new feature will allow us to more effectively monitor and respond to these issues.”

Mobile App Usage is Growing for Citizen Engagement Projects

Municipalities everywhere are recognizing that mobile apps are a popular and effective way to engage their target audiences. In February 2011, Arlington, Texas launched a mobile application to give users access to municipal services, report problems, apply for permits and pay (more…)

A Mobile Friendly Economic Development Website

Whenever a new technology appears and becomes compelling because of user enthusiasm and growing adoption numbers, economic developers must make choices between status quo, opportunity and cost.

Just when EDOs are starting to get a handle on social media, it is happening again, this time with mobile web access. In what seems a very short time, accessing websites using mobile phones and tablets has shifted from incidental to insistent. Site selectors, like everyone else, consider web access from mobile devices a requirement of doing day-to-day business.

For economic developers, though, this means having another layer of web infrastructure to deal with. They can be forgiven for not wanting to dive into a mobile web project to meet ever increasing expectations! “How much cost, how much more time do we have to invest now?” an EDO is likely to ask.

The good news is that the solution is not as difficult as it seems.

Mobile Friendly Website Display

The basic mandate is to ensure that your website displays properly on a variety of mobile devices. A site selector using a mobile device is unlikely to find your data or descriptions easy to read or navigate if your website is not created for friendly (more…)

Trends in Mobile Marketing

Here’s a scenario with implications you might want to think about. Picture a site-selection professional who receives a message from a client while out of the office. The client is in a hurry to obtain comparative information about available industrial lands – from your community and another.

The site selector gets to work on her mobile device. She calls up your investment-attraction website as well as your competitor’s. Unfortunately your site’s information is impossible to find on the tiny mobile screen. Ah, but the other community has a website designed for access by a mobile device and the needed information is quickly found, copied into an e-mail and sent to the client.

The site selector promises to send information to the client about your community later, as soon as there is time to find it using the computer in her office. The client is in a hurry, though, and will already have judged whether the first community’s offerings fit the bill. Now, what is the most likely outcome of this search?

Mobile Friendly Economic Development

The fact is that mobile devices are the primary tools of business today. Everybody is on the move and carries a device. Nobody wants to wait for information. Nobody wants to miss an opportunity. Is your economic development department missing the opportunity to make your (more…)

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