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Our Top 5 Economic Development Marketing Trend Articles of 2012

2012 was a great year for Yfactor! Some of our highlights included:

  • We launched our new analytics tool, Prospect ID, which can turn blind web traffic into identified investment leads
  • We helped dozens of communities across North America to launch economic development, municipal, tourism, and immigration attraction projects including websites, social media, apps, branding, marketing strategies and design
  • We’ve built relationships with 26 new clients representing communities across the United States and Canada, completing over 100 projects

2013 is shaping up to be an even bigger year than last and we are looking forward to sharing more great articles, as well as stories about Yfactor, our staff and some of our client successes.

In the last year we sent out 20 articles on topics including: Creative Economy, Downtown/Mainstreet Marketing, Talent Attraction, and Economic Gardening.


Creative Economy Marketing Programs and Events

Here’s a question you might like to toss around the table the next time your economic development department is planning a creative economy marketing program or event: What makes creative people in your community happy?

It’s a simple question but the answers can be quite complex and far-reaching. Economists have begun to use research into happiness to explore questions in economics, policy and management.

The Martin Prosperity Institute, in a research paper published in March 2010 written by Richard Florida, Charlotta Mellander and Kevin Stolarik, found that satisfaction with individuals’ current location has a big impact on the decision to stay or move.

“Our findings indicate that place-based factors, in particular the beauty and physical appeal of the current location and the ability to meet people and make friends, explain more of the desire to stay than do community economic conditions or individual demographic characteristics,” the authors reported in the study, called The Effects of Community Satisfaction on the Decision to Stay or Move. (more…)

Building Your Creative Economy: Attract Alumni through Social Media

The loss of educated graduates has become almost an accepted fact of life in small and rural communities and is most definitely a drain on a community’s ability to develop its creative economy.

Social media, however, offers your community a powerful means of finding and reconnecting with your town’s expats, and the opportunity to provide them with reasons to come back.

Former student high school alumni groups are some of the most popular and abundant groups on Facebook. For every high school of any size there will be at least one, and often several, Facebook groups for former students to join. These are hubs for people who share common experiences to reconnect with old friends, and share memories and photos of the glory days. You’re likely a member of one or more of these groups yourself. (more…)

Creative Economy Marketing Websites

Is it time to reconsider the strategy behind your investment attraction website?

It could be, if your existing strategy is several years old and your community has since turned its marketing focus to the creative economy.

Just as there is a difference between a traditional investment attraction marketing strategy and a strategy for creative economy marketing, so there is a difference between a broad-based Economic Development website and one designed specifically to attract and retain businesses led by the creative class. You might, in fact, need to consider having more than one site. (more…)

Check out the Cultivating and Sustaining your Creative Economy Summit

CE 300x151 Check out the Cultivating and Sustaining your Creative Economy SummitThe Cultivating and Sustaining your Creative Economy Summit is coming up! This two day summit – Tuesday February 28th and Wednesday February 29th – is shaping up to be an interesting and insightful conference with key leaders from across North America speaking on a variety of topics, such as the Honourable Gary Goodyear’s keynote address, “The Role of Government in Growing and Sustaining Your Economy,” and the marketing case studies from Chicago and St. Catharines, “Implementing Inventive Marketing Strategies to Attract Talent and Businesses in Your City.”

Our own CEO, Anya Codack, will be speaking about innovative strategies and tools for economic development in her speech, “Leveraging Technologies to Fast Track and Exceed Your Economic Development Goals” on Tuesday February 28th at 1:30pm. She will also be on the Interactive Industry Panel on Day 2 at 11:30am for the discussion, “Understand the Business Decision: Why Do Businesses Choose One Region over Another and What Can You Do?”

This conference is an opportunity to learn about what’s working (and what’s not!) in cultivating the creative economy. It’s also a great chance to network, exchange new ideas and to hear top case studies and best practices.

Find out more about the conference by visiting and we hope to see you there!


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